1270 RV Ranch Midland is a Quiet Permian Basin RV Park!

1270 RV Ranch Midland is one of the most famous RV parks in the entire town of Midland, Texas and being located at just a ten minutes’ drive from the Midland and Odessa in the heart of Permian Basin it certainly is a spot that gets a high number of people visiting it every month.This RV Ranch was taken over by Catarina Ranch Investment LLC last year and since then it has been making tremendous gains. There are 101 hook-up sites at the RV Park which is a clear reason why it is on of the most visited RV Parks in Midland, Texas. It has accommodation for a large number of trucks which allows the drivers to take their recreational vehicles to 1270 RV Park and park them there without any hesitation and giving a second thought to the idea.

The amenities offered by the 1270 RV Ranch are excellent and unmatched with neat and clean rest rooms and wash rooms for the visitors and showers that refresh the drivers after hectic long journeys that they take up before reaching their favorite stay destination i.e. none other than the 1270 RV Ranch Midland. Laundry is a must for the travelers and knowing this quite well the administration provided this facility as well to the visitors and that too at a very nominal cost. There would never be a high quality hotel offering such services at such a cheap cost but this RV Ranch is certainly a budget place to stay at.

The behavior of the staff is also plausible as they are not only well-mannered but also extremely efficient in carrying out their duties. They are always willing to take their tasks up and do their job according to the will of the customers which of course is pleasing for any visitor. It is in fact the willingness displayed at the reception by the staff that would make you come and stay at this RV Park every time you pass by Midland and Odessa. The smile and caring attitude at the reception is doubled by the T-Shirt that is gifted to every visitor the moment he/she checks in to the RV Park. This T-shirt in fact is quite famous throughout the city.

Texas, as we all know, is the oil hub of the United States of America and Midland being one of the important towns of the state certainly has scores of trucks passing by it that are normally oil carrying trucks. Most of the trucks parked at the 1270 RV Ranch Midland are of the oil companies because they are the most frequent users of the highways and thus the RV Parks as well.

Hotels provide an excellent living space too but that can never be at such a low price that this Midland RV Park can offer you and at the same time the adventure that one can enjoy at an RV Ranch can never be matched by even the best of hotels in the town. So don’t waste your time and call now to get your room and place booked for the truck at 1270 RV Ranch Midland or if you are away from the phone or fax, even that isn’t really a problem because you can reserve an RV space conveniently through our website.

Payment is not at all an issue because we do not insist for cash only. We accept cheques as well and you can also pay through your Credit Cards. It is all about your convenience of course!

phone 432.559.4631 phone 775.622.1391
phone 4513 S. County Road 1270 Midland, TX 79706 Direction: Exit 126 to I-20 East @ 1270